Welcome to the Restorative Hub

The Restorative Hub is commissioned by the Durham Office and the Police, Crime and Victim’s Commissioner and hosted by Durham Agency Against Crime. A core asset to the Criminal Justice System in County Durham and Darlington since 2015, supporting victims and offenders and those in dispute by giving them the chance to communicate in the aftermath of a crime; through the application of Restorative Approaches.

Restorative Justice (as it is better known) is to be highly valued by victims after a crime is committed as it gives them a voice in the Criminal Justice process and can get the answers or explanation they deserve. There is evidence that it helps victims to cope and recover from the impact of the crime and restores their peace of mind.

Whether you’re a victim of crime, or have you suffered from anti-social behaviour, or are a practitioner working to help others, or you may live locally and you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, this website will help you to find out more.