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Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we are not currently operating with or recruiting volunteers at this point. We hope to be in a position to review this in the coming weeks and will update this site when opportunities arise – please follow us on Facebook @Restorativehub

Restorative Hub expands, seeking thirty new volunteers.

Dedicated local residents, who are committed to helping victims of crime and resolving community conflict, are being sought to be volunteers.

The Restorative Hub is seeking thirty new volunteers throughout County Durham and Darlington, who have a keen interest in restorative justice and mediation. These new volunteer roles will help those affected by crime and suffering conflict to resolve their problems.

The Restorative Hub, offers victims of crime in County Durham and Darlington the chance to communicate with offenders to provide answers to any questions they have to help in their recovery. The cases range in seriousness from low level through to those dealt with in the Crown Court.

Research shows that there had been no further offending in almost 60% of cases dealt with by the Restorative Hub.  It’s estimated that this is saving the Police & Council over £1 million a year.

Jim a local volunteer mediator said: “One lady couldn’t stop thanking me for being such a lifeline to her during one of the darkest periods of her life. It’s so satisfying to help people find solutions, and I’d highly recommend it!”

The team will be fully trained in restorative justice, mediation and problem-solving, and will use these skills to help people in conflict find a satisfactory conclusion to the issues they’re facing.