Case Study 3

Case Study 3: Multiple assault victim turns Restorative Hub volunteer

In the space of less than a month the Restorative Hub received two referrals following assault, each with a different perpetrator, but with the same victim. Both assaults were committed by young men under the influence of alcohol. The victim bore no grudge and said he had been young himself and understood that some people can become aggressive when they drink too much.

However he felt it was important to help both young men understand how their actions affect others, so they have a chance to change their behaviour without getting a criminal record that might impact the rest of their life. The victim took part in two restorative meetings, one with each of his assailants. He was impressed by the impact the meetings had on the lads involved, as well as the skills shown by the facilitators and was surprised to learn that they were trained volunteers.

He expressed the wish that he could help others in a similar way, and within a matter of weeks he had signed-up for the Hub’s facilitator training course, and is due to complete his training in July 2016.

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