Case Study 1

Case study 1: 80 year old woman endures repeated abuse from drunken resident, Darlington

We received a referral regarding an 80 year old lady in a sheltered accommodation scheme. For a long time she felt fearful and intimidated by the behaviour of a 75 year old resident, who was regularly rude and abusive toward her while under the influence of alcohol. The situation peaked when one day he lashed out to try and hit her. Our facilitators arranged for the two to meet in a safe environment in order to communicate and reach an understanding.

Both parties were extremely happy with the meeting and its outcome. The agreement made has been kept ever since, and both parties are polite to each other whenever their paths cross. The elderly lady no longer lives in fear, and she reports that the gentleman concerned has reduced his alcohol consumption, and is altogether calmer than before. The following email was sent to our facilitators by the scheme’s coordinator, after speaking to the client during a 6 month follow-up call:

“Mrs L spoke in glowing terms about the Restorative Hub. She admitted to feeling hesitant at first, concerned that it might make matters worse, and afraid of offending other parties who were friends with the gentlemen in question. However, having been reassured by your support and encouragement she is now very happy she took part. She reports that the situation had dragged on for a long time, and that the gentleman was rude to her whenever they met. She felt upset and intimidated by his behaviour, and the final straw came when he was abusive one day while in a drunken state, and came at her to hit her. She reports that she has never been hit in her life, and felt that something had to be done to address the situation.

“She told me that the meeting was ‘very, very satisfactory’ and that she feels ‘very pleased’ with the outcome. She stated that both of them have kept their agreement, and have always been polite to one another since. She also reports that the gentleman’s alcohol consumption appears to have reduced, and that he is a lot calmer and quieter than he used to be.

“I feel this is a fantastic outcome for all concerned. Mrs L was clearly delighted with the whole process, and is now living out her days without the stress and fear that had blighted her life up until your input a few months ago. I just wanted to thank you once again for all your work, and congratulate you on this very positive result.”

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