Welcome to the Restorative Hub

The Restorative Hub is commissioned by the Durham Office and the Police, Crime and Victim’s Commissioner and hosted by Durham Agency Against Crime. A core asset to the Criminal Justice System in County Durham and Darlington since 2015, supporting victims and offenders and those in dispute by giving them the chance to communicate in the aftermath of a crime; through the application of Restorative Approaches.

I have been a victim of crime

What’s in it for ME? Restorative Justice can bring those harmed by crime, and those responsible for the harm, into communication in a controlled and safe manner. It gives everyone affected an opportunity to play a part in repairing the harm and finding a way forward. It allows you to have your say, get answers to your questions and communicate with the offender in a way that suits you…

Anti-Social Behaviour / Conflict / Disputes

‘Anti-social behaviour’ describes a range of activities that effect people’s enjoyment of their homes or communities, and which can lead to disputes between neighbours and families. Restorative mediation can be used to resolve: Anti-social behaviour Nuisance & disorder Neighbour disputes (noise, parking, boundaries, etc.) Other issues of concern to the community

Information for practitioners

Restorative Justice can take place at any stage of the criminal justice system including out-of-court, pre-sentence and post sentence. It is important that Restorative Justice takes place at the right time for the parties involved, particularly the victim.

Court Based Restorative Justice

If the crime is going to Court, (and the offender pleads guilty) you could be asked if you would like to take part before the sentencing hearing. There will be no impact on the sentence, but it does give a further chance to have your voice heard in the court.

Case Studies

How restorative justice has helped other victims locally… Some of the victims who have participated in Restorative Approaches in County Durham and Darlington felt empowered to share their story, to help others gain the confidence to consider Restorative Justice for themselves.

I’m interested in being a volunteer

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we are not currently operating with or recruiting volunteers at this point. We hope to be in a position to review this in the coming weeks and will update this site when opportunities arise – please follow us on Facebook @Restorativehub